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L’Artisan Parfumeur: Inspired, Creative, and One of a Kind

L’Artisan Parfumeur has made a name for itself as one of the finest niche fragrance houses in the world. Their scents are strikingly original – one would not hesitate to describe them as avant-garde – and they can be trusted to offer nothing less than the very highest quality. That is, in fact, what the brand stakes its reputation on: instead of relying on a rigorous advertising campaign, L’Artisan believes that their products should be so good that they are able to sell them on the strength of that alone.

It is worth exploring the past and present of this one-of-a-kind fragrance house in order to better appreciate the perfumes that they have to offer.

A History of Uniqueness and Excellence

L’Artisan was established in 1978 by perfumer-chemist Jean Laporte. It became one of the market leaders when it comes to elite fragrance houses in Paris, and it aimed to be entirely unique from the famous perfume brands of the day. Drawing inspiration from nature and allowing its perfumers to create according to their artistic expression, the unique scents made by L’Artisan quickly gained a cult following. Customers began to pour in from all over the world and demand for their perfumes skyrocketed – even after Laporte left the label to found Maitr Parfumeur et Gantier.

In 2003, L’Artisan was acquired by Cradle Holdings. As this beauty products holdings company was a subsidiary of the American private equity giant Fox Paine, there was some concern that the French label would lose its quirky charm to make way for more mainstream marketing schemes. These fears were unfounded, however, and L’Artisan continued to create the exclusive artistic scents that drew such a loyal following. The fragrance house was eventually spun off as an independent company in 2005, though Fox Paine remains to be its main backer to this day.

L’Artisan Today

At present, L’Artisan is one of the most popular sources of niche fragrances around. Despite the high demand for their products, however, they still stick to their principles. Distribution remains highly exclusive, and it is also still true that their excellent fragrances are created using only the best natural materials, much to the delight of its fans. Besides, with such customers as Ashley Olsen, Cate Blanchett, Christina Hendricks, Halle Berry, Jennifer Anniston, Kate Beckinsale, Kirsten Dunst, Naomi Campbell, and Penelope Cruz, what better advertising could you wish for? This celebrity client list only shows how well top-quality products can speak for themselves. You also can get free covergirl, mac cosmetics coupons and samples.

Though it still eschews commercials as a means of attracting customers and revenue, L’Artisan has been made more accessible than ever through its website and various social media networks (their Twitter page is always worth a visit). And if you are fortunate enough to visit the fragrance house in France, you might want to sign up for the workshops offered by their expert perfumers. Far from keeping the secrets to making exquisite fragrances under lock and key, L’Artisan gives its clientele a chance to learn their art. At the end of a three-hour workshop, clients will come away with newfound knowledge and sometimes even a tantalizing new scent of their own.

The Fragrances of L’Artisan Parfumeur

No discussion of L’Artisan would be complete without a look at the fragrances that put them on the map. Their approach to the creation of perfumes is often likened to contemporary art: challenging, deeply personal, and by necessity incorporating a great degree of freedom to express oneself. The house’s perfumers – foremost of whom is Bertand Duchaufour who joined L’Artisan in 2008 – are all artists whose unique vision and approach bring different things to the table.

Undoubtedly, the most successful fragrance to come from L’Artisan is Mure et Musc. Created in 1978, this iconic scent pushed boundaries when it first came out as it made use of a then-unheard of combination of musk and blackberry. It is still one of the house’s best selling perfumes, and an argument might even be made that it was singlehandedly responsible for the current popularity of blackberry-based scents in the beauty market today.

Another stellar innovation was 1994’s Premier Figuier. This was the first known fig fragrance, and as if that was not unique enough, this scent takes into account the entire tree rather than focusing on the blossom or the fruit as is the usual practice. This perfume evokes the leaves, branches and fruit in a combination that is truly avant-garde.

The house is no stranger to bold marketing moves either – none of which involve commercials. One of the most celebrated of these was the release of the Mon Numero line in 2008. The almost-bespoke fragrances created for this line were withdrawn from the shelves immediately after a customer purchases a bottle so as to ensure exclusivity. Though 8 of the original rare scents were later sold as limited edition products, it is to be hoped that L’Artisan does something of this kind again.

Their special series, however, already gave niche fragrance aficionados much to look forward to. In some years, L’Artisan releases limited edition summer and harvest fragrances based on the flowers of the season, some of the more popular of which can end up on their regular line (Chasse aux Papillons is one such scent, as is the delightful Ananas Fizz). The travel-themed scents are another great line. As enchanting and evocative as the locations that inspired them, many look forward to the day when L’Artisan will add another fragrance to Timbuktu, Fleur de Liane, and Travesee du Bosphore.

L’Artisan does not stop at personal perfumes, liquid, solid, or powdered. The house also features a line of scents for your home and car. Properly applied, these can transform any area into a little slice of fragrant paradise. Their forms are many and varied, from the traditional scented candles ideal for creating a relaxing or romantic atmosphere as needed, to the charming terracotta balls filled with long-lasting crystals that smell of ambergris. Even so small a glimpse of L’Artisan’s collection shows off their undeniable ingenuity, innovation, and overall excellence! Definitely offering fragrances not to be missed, this perfume house deserves a spot in at the top.

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